My name is Sergio Demian Lerner. I’m a Cryptofan, Independent Security Researcher, and Bitcoin specialist since 2011.

I work at Certimix, developing Firmcoin, QixCoin, and other crazy ideas.

Follow me on Twitter: @SDLerner
I discovered and responsible reported these Bitcoin-Related vulnerabilities:

  • Lack of orphan tx limit prior v0.5.3
  • CVE-2012-3789: Multiple DoS Vulnerabilties in Satoshi client
  • CVE-2012-4683: Targeted DoS by CPU exhaustion using alerts
  • CVE-2012-4684: Network-wide DoS using malleable signatures in alerts
  • CVE-2013-2272: Remote discovery of node’s wallet addresses
  • CVE-2013-2292: A transaction that takes at least 3 minutes to verify
  • CVE-2013-2293: Continuous hard disk seek
  • CVE-2013-4627 security holes.
  • security vulnerability in BouncyCastle ECDSA (BJB-22)
  • Brumley/Tuveri attack to SatoshiDice
  • BitsOfProof client vulnerabilities
  • Bitmessage v1.0: completely broken crypto

Me and Bitcoin

When I first read Bitcoin paper I rushed to analyze its source code.  I got fascinated for its simplicity. But also I found many things for improvement, both in the economic, cryptographic and protocol related areas.
This blog aim is to provide clues for Bitcoin improvement but also to build the infrastructure for new crypto-currencies. I dream of a future with an ecosystem of crypto-currencies, even some of the government-backed. I plan to take active part in this future.

I hope you enjoy redesigning Bitcoin as I do.


If you like my work and want to encourage me in researching further you can donate to this address: 17mcFB7Xyymd9hxp2bgNPz1ruWsdoPoCnZ

2013-04-13: I’m very happy to announce that today I received 1 BTC from an anonymous donor! Thank you!

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